How to install industrial wall shelving

If you want to save money on your next project, then you might be interested in reading this article.

It’ll explain how to install the industrial wall shelf you’re about to build.

It’s the same idea, but it’s a little more specific to your project. 

You’ll need the following: Wall hardware (the metal parts that hold your shelving) You should have a couple of shelves with some space between them. 

Two of these shelves should be 1-foot-tall or more. 

For this project, I used an 18-inch wall. 

Make sure the hardware you use matches the size of the wall you’re installing.

For instance, if you’re going to install a 12-foot shelf, you should make sure the space between the shelf and the wall is at least 3 feet wide. 

Use a wood saw to cut out the holes you need.

I cut mine out of a 5-by-6-foot piece of plywood, but you could use any piece of wood you like. 

Measure the wall.

Use a 3-by and a 6-by to mark the spot where you want your shelf to sit.

The smaller the mark, the wider the shelf you’ll be able to install. 

Cut the wood. 

When you’re ready to assemble your shelf, slide it over the metal pieces and push the two pieces of wood together. 

That should secure the wall to the metal and make it sturdy enough to hold the shelf in place. 

Next, you’ll need a table to sit on.

If you have a bench and/or a table, you can use that. 

If you’re using a bench, make sure you’re putting a lot of weight on the table. 

Now you’ll have two shelves that can be mounted to each other. 

Set them aside.

Now it’s time to put your shelves together.

Step 1: Connecting your shelves to eachother Next up, you need to connect your shelves so they can hang from eachother.

You can connect a shelf to the top of a wall by using the same metal pieces as you did before. 

Here’s the process again, but this time you’ll connect the top shelf to a wall with a hole in it.

To do this, use a 3D printer to cut the piece of metal you want.

You should have about a 1/4-inch hole in the piece you cut. 

Connect the shelf to one of the two shelves. 

 The bottom shelf is connected to the other shelf by a hole that goes through the middle of the shelf. 

Step 2: Setting up the hardware Now that you’ve connected the shelves, it’s ready to put the hardware on.

You’ll need to drill out the hole you made in the shelf, which should be a 1-inch-deep hole. 

Attach the hardware to the bottom shelf.

You can attach the hardware using the metal part on the back of the metal parts you just made. 

And that’s it!

The shelves should now be hanging off of each other with a little bit of support.

If you haven’t already, get the Adafruit Locking Latch Kit from Adafruit and attach the latch to your wall.

It comes with a bunch of stuff to help you keep it secure, including a magnet that will hold it securely in place and a set of screws that attach it to the wall using the screws on the bottom of the latch. 

Adacode The Adafrures Adafrate Latch is available as a kit or as a set with all the hardware. 

The Adaccrures Latch kit comes with a 8-foot Latch, which attaches to the underside of a 2-foot by 2-inch piece of 3/8-inch plywood. 

To use the Latch, you will need a 10-foot long screwdriver and a drill. 

These Latches come with the Lackless and Lockless lockings, but you can also use the Lockless Latching Kit from Adanacode. 

All of the hardware can be bought for less than $15. Check out  Adacode’s Lockable Latch Latch from Adacodes Lockable Latching Kit for more info.

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