How do you stop people from stealing your industrial equipment?

This week, a California couple is being sued by a woman who says she was fired after complaining about the company’s refusal to hire her for a job as a factory technician.

In a lawsuit filed in California federal court, the woman says her former employer, P.T.M., “will not hire” her because of her sex and because she has a mental disability.

The complaint says P.M. fired her after she complained that she did not fit into a stereotypical mold for an industrial equipment supplier.

In the suit, filed last month, the unnamed woman claims she was hired in February 2012 as a lab technician.

She was told she was being promoted to a technician in March.

She has since had her disability reduced to a “limited physical activity” status.

P.T., which owns and operates P.I.

T Systems in Pompano Beach, Calif., said it has fired its female employees who were hired as technicians.

A spokeswoman for the company, which does not have a name for its employees, declined to comment.

The company is a pioneer in making industrial equipment accessible to people with disabilities.

In 2006, it was the first U.S. manufacturer to offer a fully accessible, user-friendly machine that can be used by anyone, with or without a wheelchair, a wheelchair ramp or a scooter.

It has also made major advances in providing people with disability with access to the machines they use to make their own electronics, including making them more user-centric, more durable and more secure.

In 2007, the company also made a $50 million donation to the National Center for Disability Rights to help improve the accessibility of its machines.

Pete Pfeifer, who is a former executive director of the National Association of Manufacturers, which represents more than 2,000 manufacturers, said in an interview that many employers in the U.K. and other parts of the world are now embracing the industry’s approach to accessible machines.

In other parts, like China and the U-Korea, there is an acceptance that people with different needs might be different in the workplace, he said.

The woman in the California case, who has filed a lawsuit on behalf of the couple and the company in the Southern District of California, is seeking damages for emotional distress, loss of wages and other economic loss.

She has filed the lawsuit in the same court where P.P.’s U.L.

M, which operates in the UK, has also been sued over similar claims.

Pfeifer said P.C.T.’s approach to disability access and the way it treats people with mental disabilities has led to an industry-wide trend of employers embracing the concept of accessible technology.

In recent years, PPE’s machines have been among the most widely used in the world.

The company is also the largest manufacturer of industrial equipment in the United States, according to the American Institute for Economic Research.

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