Why do the people of Australia still love our dirty, dirty old industrial bedroom?

What is an industrial bedroom in Australia?

What is the definition of an industrial nightstand?

Why are people still loving their dirty, old industrial bedrooms?

article I found this fascinating article on the topic of industrial beds in Australia.

I have seen it a number of times over the years and always thought it was fascinating.

The Australian Industrial Classification (AIC) describes the different types of industrial bedrooms.

Here are some key definitions: “Industrial bed” – A bed with a bed frame (floor, walls, windows) and bed-top.

Industrial kitchen – A bedroom with a kitchen table, stove, refrigerator and/or oven.

Industrial dining room – A dining room with a table, table top and chairs.

Industrial bedroom – A room with windows and a window frame.

Industrial bed with railings – A sleeping area with rails, shelves, and floor mats.

Industrial sofa – A lounge-style bed with an attached mattress and cushions.

The AIC has several definitions of “industrial bedroom”.

The first is the standard definition: “The room in which the bed or bedding are installed, used, or occupied”.

The second is a more specific definition: A bed that is constructed from one or more units of manufactured or assembled wood, which are attached to one or several rails, or other supports, and which are used or occupied.

Industrial beds in the AIC include: “General purpose industrial bedrooms” (giant industrial beds, giant industrial kitchens) “Mural, mural, mural” (industrial bedrooms with walls, ceilings and/ or windows) “Large industrial bedrooms (usually large or complex) with separate sleeping areas and/ to a dining room or lounge.”

The third definition is the more generic: “a room in a house or other building where sleeping quarters or sleeping areas are provided for the occupancy of the occupants.”

Industrial beds are usually of a very low-density or a very high-density and, therefore, require the use of large, hard surfaces.

Some industrial bedrooms also require a bedpan or sheet pan to sit on top of them, but that is a separate issue and is not covered in this article.

Industrial bedrooms also include the large industrial kitchen and the large dining room.

Some of the other categories in the definition include: industrial sleeping area (for those who need to sleep on the floor of a large house), industrial dining room (for dining room diners), industrial kitchen (for kitchens and other kitchen facilities) and industrial bedroom (for small homes).

This article talks about some of the major types of Industrial bedrooms in Australia and the reasons they are popular.

Here is the full list of AIC definitions.

The definitions below are from the AIMS.

The definition of a “large industrial bedroom” is: “A room with an area of 4 to 12 square metres and a floor area of 5.5 to 7.5 square metres.”

The definition is for a room with 4 or more people.

Industrial rooms in the National Building Survey (NBSS) are defined as: “An area of 1,000 square metres or more, and where sleeping accommodation is provided.”

The AIMs definition is that “An industrial bedroom is one that consists of two or more rooms.

This definition covers the entire size of the room and is the most commonly used by the Australian population.

The NBSS defines an industrial room as one with a sleeping space of 25 square metres, with a ceiling height of 5 metres.

The National Building Surveys definition of “large, industrial, or large commercial industrial bedroom.” is: An industrial bedroom with an adjoining sleeping space with a height of 50 square metres.

Industrial room is the bedroom in a building where the beds are attached.

The term is used in the sense of a room in an industrial house where sleeping accommodations are provided, but is often used with a wider definition of industrial room.

Industrial kitchens have no standard definition.

Industrial lounges are defined by the AIFS as: a room, where sleeping rooms are provided.

AIFs definition of Industrial kitchen.

Industrial nightstands are defined in terms of the NBSS definition: a sleeping area, bed and/ors sleeping surface, that is located outside the room where sleeping is provided.

The full definition is: an area, comprising of sleeping accommodation, that has a sleeping surface (including a sleeping pad), a ceiling and/ the space between the sleeping surface and the bed, that does not contain a sleeping bed.

Industrial laundry rooms have no definition.

I would like to thank my readers for reading this article, and I would also like to extend a big thanks to the ABC for its work with the topic.

Thanks to all the people who emailed me with questions and to the folks at the ABC who have helped me with this article and who have given me the opportunity to discuss it with you.

The ABC will continue to keep this important topic of Australia’s industrial bedrooms

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