How to make a ‘Cajun Industry’

By Robert SpaceIndustriousA group of American and Canadian expatriates are using their skills as professionals to create a new, more robust industry of Cajun and Caribbean industries in their home country.

Cajuns are known for their great taste in food, and it’s no surprise they’d love to create their own cuisine.

They’re also known for producing great beer, wine, and spirits.

And they’re known for making great cocktails.

In the last two decades, the United States has gained a lot of cachet as a destination for foreign expats, with many of them returning to the country after years away.

As they return, the country is becoming more diverse and popular, and many Cajuns see an opportunity to create something new.

According to Mark Lopatin, a consultant who specializes in international travel and hospitality, the Cajunts are looking for opportunities to create jobs and boost their economy in the United Kingdom, which they call home for most of the year.

The British are not the only place they’re considering.

Lopatic has found many people from the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Jordan, and the United states who want to travel and work in the U.K., but they’re also looking to create local jobs, Lopati said.

They want to open a second Cajunia Business Development Center, a business incubator for young entrepreneurs.

Lopatin said that while they have a few companies already, he believes that they will eventually create more than just a few.

Lopeats company, Peculiarly-Baked, has developed a bakery that has become a go-to for Cajunt foodies.

In addition, he’s working on a second, similar project to build a Cajunker-based company called Caju-Olea.

Lopes new company, The Cajush Kitchen, was launched in October.

It’s an American dream to travel, Lopeatin said, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make it work in a Caja.

That’s why they’re focusing on creating a Cajiun industry.

Lopes own business, The Culinary Group, is the largest Cajurican food brand in the country.

It employs 50 full-time staff and about 1,000 apprentices.

Cajurat is also home to the world-famous Cajunc Kitchen, where you can find traditional Cajumpteen recipes and make-your-own cajun casserole.

The Culis is now working with an incubator called the Caja Business Development Fund, an organization established by a group of investors that’s funded in part by a grant from the U:S.

Agency for International Development.

The Culis hopes to create an apprenticeship program to train new workers in the Cijun culinary arts, Lopes said.

Caja Business Partners, the venture capital firm founded by Lopes, plans to invest in the fledgling startup as well.

The investors have invested in dozens of food and hospitality startups in the past year, but none of them have been able to scale to meet the demands of the market.

It’s a big challenge for Caja, Lomeli said.

“We’re trying to build something that’s going to have a positive impact in this market,” he said.

“This is a big, big industry that we can’t ignore.”

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