How to make your life easier with a new way to earn money

Posted November 08, 2018 12:12:48 New rules for employers will let you work from home, for shorter periods of time and with more flexible working arrangements.

It is being introduced in the Federal Budget.

The rules are expected to give employers more flexibility to make it easier for workers to work longer hours, work from the comfort of their own homes, and have less turnover.

The new rules, to be implemented from January 1, will mean: You can work from a workstation anywhere and can work offsite at any time.

You can choose from a range of different work arrangements, including a fixed-term contract or a flexible work arrangement.

There are also changes to how you can earn your own money.

Your wages will now be tied to your annual salary, rather than the rate of inflation.

Employers will be able to pay more on average than they do now to employees who are self-employed.

If you work on a weekend or holiday, you’ll be entitled to more than your annual wage if you work up to 40 hours per week.

For those earning a flat salary, employers will be allowed to pay you up to 35 per cent of your weekly wage for the first two weeks, and up to 45 per cent on a first two week’s wages.

Those earning a salary of $60,000 or more will have the right to earn more than that if they are self employed.

This is expected to save employers around $30 billion over the next three years, according to the Government.

More about the changes: This new system will mean employers can take into account how well their workers perform on the job, including the skills and knowledge they bring to the company, the type of work they are doing and whether they can manage their own schedules.

They will also be able offer incentives such as extra pay, flexible working or pay rises for those who do well.

In the past, employers would have been required to pay employees for every hour they worked.

This would have led to people working long hours and putting themselves at risk of falling behind.

Under the new rules and changes to work arrangements for employees, employees will be entitled only to be paid their fair share for the work done and can claim up to $150 a week for childcare and other support, if they choose to do so.

Other changes are expected in the budget.

They include:The Government has said the new workplace rules will be available to all employers and that it will be the “gold standard” for workplace fairness for decades to come.


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